Doing Dialogue

Dialogue every day
By Jessica Weaver on Oct 20, 2016

I turned on the TV the other night (I’m sure I was watching something really high-brow, don’t worry, and definitely NOT “Dancing with the Stars”).

Dialogue every day
Image via Huffington Post
By John Sarrouf on Sep 29, 2016

This week’s debate was a stark reminder that this election seems more polarized than any time in my lifetime When one party is claiming one candidate is “insane” and the other chanting “lock her up

Dialogue on public issues
By Jessica Weaver on Aug 17, 2016

Did you read the recent article by Wesley Morris in the New York Times called “

Dialogue on public issues
By John Sarrouf on Aug 1, 2016

Recently, while we scootered to get ice cream, my eight-year-old daughter asked me if we would move to Canada if a certain candidate won the election.

Dialogue on public issues
By Parisa Parsa on Jul 19, 2016

A few years ago, my father took our whole family on a cruise of the fjords of Norway.

Dialogue on public issues
By Parisa Parsa on Jul 11, 2016

The violence, grief and acrimony of the last week has been brutal.

Dialogue in communities of faith
Photo via Paul Jeffrey, courtesy of UMNS
By Jessica Weaver on May 25, 2016

Persisting conflict isn't an indication of failure.

Dialogue on campus
By Natasha Dobrott on Apr 27, 2016

April on college campuses represents the beginning of spring as well as the end of semester flood of assignments and exams as the year comes to an end.