Doing Dialogue

Dialogue at Essential Partners
By Paul Waite on Mar 6, 2017

Essential Partners has a new face in the office: my name is Paul Waite and I’m from Australia – Melbourne, to be more specific.

Dialogue every day
By Admin on Feb 14, 2017

You want to know how to really manage conflict? Ask anyone who’s been in a long-term marriage or partnership.

Dialogue every day
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By John Sarrouf on Jan 24, 2017

Every time I drive down an undivided highway, speeding along at 60 mph past cars whizzing to my left and right, I am amazed that this is possible - mostly without incident.

Dialogue on public issues
Image via Plainfield Today
By Parisa Parsa on Jan 20, 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, all my liberal friends are asking each other the same question: “are you going to March?” Washington, New York, Boston, whatever the location, there hardly seems to b

Dialogue every day
Image via BBC
By Kirk Livingston on Jan 4, 2017

You’ve been here: You arrive at your aunt’s house and make small talk.

Dialogue every day
How can we make this year's dinner a little less painful?
By Parisa Parsa on Nov 22, 2016

My kids and I just flew across the country, making that annual sojourn home for the holidays. The airports were packed, and nerves were frayed.

Dialogue on public issues
Image via CityLab
By Katie Hyten on Nov 15, 2016

In a recent conversation with activists on a college campus, student leaders informed our practitioners that student protesters showed little interest in dialogue because they assumed that “dialogu

Dialogue every day
By Admin on Oct 20, 2016

I turned on the TV the other night (I’m sure I was watching something really high-brow, don’t worry, and definitely NOT “Dancing with the Stars”).