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Jul 25, 2017
In an ideal college classroom, disagreements are expected, even encouraged. Ideas are challenged, students grasp to their positions, and professors foster exploration. When it comes to religion, the challenges of having equitable voices can be pronounced... READ MORE

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Intern Evelyn Bui on adjusting to campus life in US, representation when voices aren't heard.
1 hour 31 min ago
Teaching must facilitate generative, connecting, curious conversations
21 hours 36 min ago
Employ dialogue structure to allow disruptions to become meaningful
22 hours 36 min ago
Disruption-what happens when external realities enter teaching spaces?
23 hours 6 min ago
Dialogue on campus
Jul 26, 2017

A New Voice, A New Home

It is always hard to leave one’s hometown and settle in a completely different country, especially when you are Asian like me. Spending the most important years in the US was truly difficult but I have nothing to regret.

Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

This "hybrid model" of dialogue offers a faith-based approach to peacebuilding with Christians and Muslims.

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