About Our Workshops

Public Conversations’ workshops will enhance your capacity to plan, facilitate, and engage in more constructive conversations in your professional, civic, or personal life.

Our highly experiential, affordable workshops are capped at a small size to maximize each participant's learning and allow for customization. Whether you are a beginner or a master in dialogue facilitation or related fields, we offer training you can apply across a wide range of settings.

Our workshops can either be taken individually or as part of a Workshop Series. These Series encompass the three broad components of the Public Conversations model — Dialogue, Facilitation, and Communication.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan, design and facilitate constructive group conversations on divisive issues
  • Deal with difficult or stuck conversations—and how to share those skills with others
  • Increase collaboration within organizations
  • Help your community address divisive issues such as health care access, cultural and racial divides, or climate change
  • Become a clear and compassionate communicator in your professional and personal life

Apply new skills to:

  • Workplace
  • Faith community
  • Board or other volunteer role
  • School board or PTA
  • Classroom
  • Town hall
  • Dinner table