Talking Public Engagement at Hamline University

October 16, 2015

On Friday, Senior Training Director Bob Stains will be serving as a "Theme Leader" for a Symposium at the Dispute Resolution Institute of the Law School at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. The symposium, Public Engagement and Decision-making: Moving from Dysfunction  and Polarization to Dialogue and Understanding is offered in cooperation with the MN Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution. It will be moderated by Ken Fox and Sharon Press of the DRI and will be attended by over 80 invited leaders from various municipal and state government agencies, academic institutions and civic engagement organizations.

The innovative design of this gathering features several theme leaders as catalysts for discussion among participants via individual presentations and their own theme-group conversations. Bob will be speaking about the current state of conversation in the US, the problems of polarization and the necessity for focusing on communication and relationships in the kick-off session, "Setting the Context." Other themes that follow will include: "Rethinking Public Engagement: What We Have Learned and What We Can Do Better" and "Where Do We Go From Here?" The symposium will be featured in post-session podcasts and an issue of the Hamline Law Review, to which Bob will contribute.