Public Conversations Featured Nationally

May 6, 2015

When Public Conversations was first approached by, we were a little skeptical. "But we just did a dating service piece as a joke," we thought. Turns out, is actually a platform that features advice, research, and educational content on a wide range of topics surrounding relationships - from articles on dating, divorce, sexuality, gender, and senior issues to emerging studies and hot topics in the public sphere. also does in-depth features on nonprofits, and given our shared commitment to diving into difficult topics, sometimes surrounded by hesitation or frustration, we seemed like a natural fit. We're delighted with what they put together, and are honored to be featured alongside other nonprofits doing important work across the world.

Thanks to the team for all their work! Read the full article here, featuring our Executive Director Parisa Parsa and Director of Program Development, John Sarrouf.

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186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138
186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138