Corky Becker: Join a Conversation Internal Family Systems & Neurobiology

March 30, 2015

Internal Family Systems Therapy shares many principles with the Public Conversations Project. Both offer approaches to adversarial relationships that change the conversation from argument to dialogue. IFS and PCP emphasize listening with curiosity and compassion through radical listening and compassionate witnessing. The focus of PCP is on shifting interpersonal interactions in the context of divided communities and divisive public issues, while IFS focuses on creating new conversations with different aspects of ourselves. Both IFS and PCP seek to change the way we speak and listen in order to change our relationships, and that's why we're happy to support important conversations at the leading edge of this field.

The methodology of IFS and PCP are also each profoundly grounded in neuroscience. This spring, the Center for Self Leadership in Boston isĀ convening a conference from April 11 - April 12 focused on the nexus of interpersonal neurobiology and internal family systems therapy, featuring two giants in those respective fields.

Dick Schwartz is the genius behind IFS therapy. He offers a way to work with people based on the assumption that the mind is made up of multiple parts, with their own different and sometimes contradictory minds and agendas, thoughts and feelings. IFS Therapy helps people heal their relationship to these parts; this leads to more integration and energy for productive lives and satisfying relationships.

Dan Siegel is a giant in the field of interpersonal neuropsychology. He is gifted at explaining the interconnections between the brain, the mind and relationships; the implications of his ideas have wide ranging applications in many different fields, including but not limited to attachment, child development, meditation, models of the mind, education, parent-child relationships etc. Their work is complementary. Listening to these two great thinkers and practitioners exchange ideas about their own work and the work of the other person will be stimulating and helpful.

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186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138