#AfterNov8 Launches

October 27, 2016

This election season, we've spent a lot of time obsessing about November 8th. We watch debates, we share memes, we pore over maps, heralding the candidate of our choice and criticizing their opponent. But little attention has been paid to what happens after November 8th. 

What do we do after the election? How do we heal? The fact remains that we have to live and work together. No matter the winner of this election, it will not undermine our responsibility to do meaningful work over the next four years. Whether we have a President Trump or President Clinton will not change the need to volunteer in our schools, to work toward racial reconciliation, to commit to supporting refugees from war torn nations, to supporting our veterans and soldiers, to help families in need, to living out our professed beliefs that all people are created equal.

So we want to hear from you...not about your hopes for this election, but for our lives and our nation after November 8th.

What do you wish for us as a nation after Nov. 8?

What do you hope we can work on together?

What issues do you hope we will meaningfully address?

Using #AfterNov8, please share your perspective on social media. We'll be sharing some of the ones we've collected. Email us your audio or video file(s) and we'll integrate them into our story. Ask your family, friends, students, neighbors to join the conversation.

Please consider sharing your voice with us directly - we'll integrate it into a video debuting next week!

Here are images for you to share on Facebook and Twitter.


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186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138