25for25: Spring Workshop Offer in Honor of Upcoming Anniversary

March 23, 2015

Public Conversations is approaching its 25th Anniversary, marking a quarter-century since our founding associates began their work in the field of public discourse. That's 25 years of building healthier dialogue, asking better questions, listening with resilience, and empowering communities to explore deep differences constructively. 

In honor of the upcoming milestone, Public Conversations is offering $25 off all of our workshops scheduled for this spring. To redeem the offer, enter "25FOR25" in the Promo Code box on any spring workshop or salon registration page.


Discounted Workshops:

The Power of Dialogue: April 23-25 (Watertown, MA)

Facilitating with Purpose and Poise: May 11-12 (Watertown, MA)

Facilitating Public Meetings: May 21 (Watertown, MA)

Dialogic Tools for Facilitation Challenges: May 28 (Austin, TX)

Reflection, Connection, and Mindfulness: June 18 (Watertown, MA)


Discounted Salons:

This discount represents nearly 50% off the registration fee for our new Salons - small, casual evening discussions with senior practitioners focusing on special areas of their expertise. 

Dick Chasin: Gentle Battles against Deadly Stereotypes: April 15 (Watertown, MA)

Laura Chasin: Between the Chairs - The Choreography of Dialogue: May 20 (Watertown, MA)

Dave Joseph: Adapting Reflective Structured Dialogue to Cross-cultural Contexts: June 24 (Watertown, MA)


Stay tuned for more news on events and celebrations as we approach our Anniversary year!



186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138
186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 212, Cambridge, MA 02138