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Want to lead better meetings, public engagements, or formal dialogue? Join us on October 3-4 for a Basic Facilitati… https://t.co/rc4MzLnRjz
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“Essential Partners gave us tools to talk about race in a way that’s brave and authentic.” Read about our collabora… https://t.co/6SpY3rO5Ib
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“Dialogue helps students own the idea that they have something to offer: I have stories, I have experiences that ar… https://t.co/EJoPRGR9mI
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training is only the start. EP invests managers and employees with the skills to lead company cultures t… https://t.co/uD5huhil72
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Sep 9, 2019 Pritchard

Listening to heal our country: op/ed at the Dallas Morning News

Jill DeTemple, faculty member at Southern Methodist University and academic associate for Essential Partners, writes about the power of listening to heal the nation's polarized divides at


Inspired by their participation in Guns: An American Conversation, journalists Stephen Koff and John Count assembled this document to provide a common touchstone for participants in difficult conversations about gun rights, regulation, and violence in the United States.

Maggie Herzig | John Sarrouf | Field Manual
Richard Chasin, MD | Maggie Herzig | Field Manual
Corky Becker, PhD | Paper