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“If everyday Americans don’t talk about issues as important as , how can we expect a better national conve… https://t.co/iKaz61p9Cn
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Just going to leave our free Guide to Conversations Across the Red-Blue Divide right here… https://t.co/igrNxX8SNMhttps://t.co/EKtPMXDIm4
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Dialogue on public issues
Nov 1, 2019 Pritchard

Abortion Conversations Op/Ed by Katie Hyten

Alabama's state-wide news outlet, AL.com, published an op/ed today by EP co-Executive Director Katie Hyten, who writes that conversations about abortion


Inspired by their participation in Guns: An American Conversation, journalists Stephen Koff and John Count assembled this document to provide a common touchstone for participants in difficult conversations about gun rights, regulation, and violence in the United States.

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